Documentation system

The Medieval Batches Foundation attaches great importance to an optimal registration of late medieval badges found in the Netherlands and Flanders: this extremely vulnerable material must be safeguarded for future preservation. Information can be lost for a variety of reasons: because the finder underestimates or ignores the importance of documentation, or because the small badges are easily lost. The problem posed by non-existent or inadequate conservation cannot be emphasised too strongly. Where badges are affected by corrosion, they will inevitably and literally disappear. The quantitative and qualitative information stored in the database late medieval badges is constantly updated, whereby an optimal support of research, publications and expositions is made possible.

The reporting of finds
The Foundation encourages the notification of badges, both known and as yet unknown from existing collections or from publication in HP1, HP2 or HP3. Obviously registration and photo documentation of the material or information presented will be scrupulously done, and strict confidentiality will be adhered to. The Foundation’s databank now comprises more than 8,000 badges and fragments of badges. The Foundation encourages the reporting of badges finds.